By Public Health Agency of Sweden

With great sadness we inform you that Mia Brytting passed away on the 15th January 2022. The sad news shocked the family, friends and colleagues and it will be only in the days to come that we discover how much we miss her. We who worked with Mia for a long time appreciated her deep knowledge, her power of action and sense of duty. Mia was always in a good mood and met colleagues with warmth and care.

Mia began her career at the Swedish Bacteriological Laboratory (SBL) as early as 1989 and has since worked at SBL, the Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control (SMI) and the Public Health Agency of Sweden. She has long been one of the country's leading experts on respiratory viruses and had a special interest and knowledge of influenza. Mia has been section and unit manager since the early 2000s and has been responsible for activities related to respiratory viruses and immunological follow-ups of the national vaccination program.

She was the EUPHEM front woman in Sweden and implemented EUPHEM at the Public Health Agency of Sweden. She was a much appreciated mentor to several EUPHEM fellows in Sweden and we believe she will be missed by many in the program.

Mia had a large network of contacts and this temporary website was set up by Mia’s colleagues together with the EPIET Alumni Network (EAN) to give everyone outside the Public Health Agency of Sweden the opportunity to leave their condolences and a message of consolation to Mia’s family. All comments will be compiled and shared with the family.

If you prefer to leave a private message for Mia's family, please send your words to:

Please leave your words for Mia below. You may also share any photos of/with her. We will pass them on to Mia's family.