BarCamp ESCAIDE 2016 will take place on Tuesday 29th Nov between 18:40-20:00.

What is BarCamp ESCAIDE?

Every year at ESCAIDE hundreds of front-line professionals in applied infectious diseases from Europe and beyond, who present their work, discuss it with peers and seniors, and network.

  • BarCamp offers ESCAIDE participants a new opportunity to network and exchange ideas.
  • It is  a dynamic forum for raw ideas, methodological hiccups, data challenges and more.
  • BarCamp @ ESCAIDE is way to offer more professional interactions with a peer-to-peer spirit in a relaxed environment.


How does it work?

BarCamp is an informal event, a get-together, where the audience is generating the content.

The BarCamp participants create the agenda:

  • On the day of the event members of the audience propose topics / volunteer to speak briefly about their ideas, puzzling findings, methodological challenges, etc.
  • The participants then vote on the topics proposed, and the ones with the most votes (highest interest) are included in the agenda of the BarCamp.
The setting is casual, usually drinks are provided to add to the relaxed atmosphere. 


How to sign up to participate and for vote for a topic?

  • Do so at the Conference venue.
  • Sign up In the Reception area you will see the BarCamp Board. Just add your name on a post-it and put it on the board.
  • One post-it per person.
  • Vote for a topic If you like one of the proposed topics, when signing up, please put the post-it with your name next to that topic.
  • If you have no preference for a topic but would like to participate, add your next in the ‘no preference for topic’ area on the BarCamp board.
  • Note that the event can host a maximum of 150 participants – so first come, first served.
  • Note that there can be maximum 3 speakers per topic and each will be given 5 minutes to briefly “state her/his case”, which will be followed by group discussions. You can both propose a topic and volunteer to speak on.

How to propose a topic?

  • Propose a topic Add your topic to the BarCamp Board, at the Reception area. The earlier you do this, the more time there will be for the audience to see it and vote for it.
  • You can propose a topic via the BarCamp page on FEM Wiki before the Conference or at the Conference venue on 28 and 29 November.
  • The call for topics and voting will close on 29 November at 13:30 November at 13:30.
  • The selected topics will be highlighted on the BarCamp Board Volunteer to speak on a topic
  • Add your name next to the topic you want to speak on, on the BarCamp board at the venue.
  • You can also show your interest ahead of time by adding your name on the BarCamp FEM Wiki page.


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