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Membership Details

The EAN is composed of active members defined as those who are paying the annual membership fees and who are meeting the conditions for membership:

  • Founding members defined as members of the first Advisory Board who established the association.
  • Past and present European EPIET, EUPHEM and FETP (PEAC, PAE, PROFET, and PROFEA) fellows and scientific coordinators as "internal members"
  • Other individuals whose roles have the same goals as the EAN can join the association as "external members" if proposed and seconded by two active members of the EAN. The proposal needs to be approved by a two-third majority of the Advisory Board.  External members should make up no more than 10% of the active EAN members.

EPIET, EUPHEM and FETP fellows during the two years of training are exempt from membership fees. Only alumni pay fees. Current fellows have access to all EAN activities, news, and postings, but are not allowed to vote during the yearly General Assembly.

Only members who have paid their membership fees are allowed to vote.

The yearly membership fee is €30, or £28 (if your preferred currency of payment if British Pounds). A 10-year membership is also available at €250 or £230.

***External Membership Application***

If you are applying as an external member, please use the Application Form provided, and wait for the EAN board to get in touch with you confirming that you qualify as an EAN Member. Applications are usually considered twice a year.

If you have any question regarding your membership status, membership renewal etc, please log in to EAN website and visit the "Member Area" or contact us via our emails.

Application Form

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Training Program attended*

Year of Qualification

Only for external applicants: if you did not complete EPIET or a European Field Epidemiology Training Program (FETP), please indicate two current EAN Members (with email address) who endorse your application:

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