At the EAN GA in November 2018 some EAN members expressed the interest an EAN mini-module on Social Media for Public Health professionals.

To help the organisation, the EAN board would appreciate if you complete the questionnaire below:

Expression of interest form

Provisional details (still to be confirmed/decided):

  • Date: September 2019
  • Location: to be decided
  • Length: 1-2 days

Preliminary mini-module content:

  • Introduction to Social Media (SoMe) platforms
  • Use of SoMe at personal/professional/institutional levels
  • Explore/discuss the role and pros/cons of SoMe for:
    • professional networking/ foster collaborations
    • find relevant material/information/research
    • share own research/findings
    • get input from peers
    • communicating with public (e.g. public health campaigns, emergencies/outbreaks, hard-to-reach populations)
    • surveillance and outbreak detection

Preliminary format: lectures and case studies/simulation exercises.

Thank you, your input is much appreciated.

EAN Board