As in the previous years, EAN, in collaboration with ECDC, is organizing a photo contest open to all conference attendees.

Therefore, if during your adventurous life as epidemiologist/microbiologist/public health expert:

  • you came across a situation, a landscape, a character, an unusual and memorable “something” related to public health;
  • you took a picture that can represent and depict one of the many facets of the life in "the field" and/or in “the lab”;
  • and you want to share your memories and emotions with those who can grasp their meaning,

please email us at with up to two photographs and the following information:

    • Author’s name
    • Date of the photograph
    • Place of the photograph (Location, Country)
    • Title of the photograph
    • Accompanying text (120 words max)

Accepted formats for the photographs are the following: jpg, tiff, png, psd, bmp. Files must not be over 10 MB.

More information on the photo contest guidelines and copyright issues is available here.

When submitting please also return the following consent form.

The submitted photographs will be exhibited during the ESCAIDE conference (St Julian, Malta, 21-23 November 2018). ESCAIDE participants will vote for the ‘best photo’ during the conference.

The winner of the “best photo” will be announced and awarded during the ESCAIDE closing ceremony.