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The EAN workshops/mini-modules aim to strengthen the capacity of EAN members in specific fields related to field epidemiology but not always covered during the 2-year fellowship programme. They are 'by the members, for the members', supporting the EAN objectives of sharing and exchanging professional experiences, information and skills among members; as well as taking part and assisting in the promotion, development and delivery of training in field epidemiology, public health and public health microbiology.

The first training module/ workshop to be organised and delivered 'by EAN for EAN' was in Madrid in 2002 (on new survey methods).

Former EAN workshops/ mini-modules include

  • 2017: Refugee and Migrant Health, Athens; co-ordinated by Iro Evlampidou and Javiera Rebolledo and MediPIET
  • 2017: Introduction to nosocomial infections: Surveillance, prevention and outbreak response, coordinated by Katherina Zakikhany, Nina Stock and Elisabeth Aichinger
  • 2016: Refugee and Migrant Health, Brussels; coordinated by Iro Evlampidou and Javiera Rebolledo
  • 2015: Outbreak Anthropology for Epidemiologists, London; coordinated by Georgia Ladbury
  • 2013: Molecular Outbreak Epidemiology, 4th November 2013 (pre-ESCAIDE workshop), co-organised with the RIVM
  • 2010: Time Series Analysis, 7-9th May 2010, at RKI in Berlin; facilitated by Bernadette Gergonne (EPIET cohort 9)
  • 2008: ESCAIDE pre- and post-conference training of trainers (ToT) workshops, Berlin; co-organiser with the Canadian FETP of the 'Dynamic Facilitation' workshop; organiser of the 'Critical Review of Scientific Manuscripts' workshop
  • 2008: Geographic Information Systems (GIS II), the Netherlands
  • 2007: Geographic Information Systems (GIS I), in Zarragosa, Spain
  • 2006: Lab for intervention epidemiologists ('Lab-for-epi'), 1st- 3rd December 2006, under the scientific coordination of Marion Koopmans, at the RIVM in the Netherlands
  • Training the trainers, SMI, Sweden
  • Syndromic surveillance, Lyon
  • 2002: New survey methods, in Madrid.
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