About us

The EPIET Alumni Network (EAN) was created in 2000 to help develop and maintain a network of European public health epidemiologists that have participated in the European Programme for Intervention Epidemiology Training (EPIET); it now also includes alumni from the European Programme for Public Health Microbiology Training (EUPHEM) and other European Field Epidemiology Training Programmes (FETP). As well as alumni of training programmes, the EAN also has some ‘external’ members who, through their work, meet similar objectives to the EAN.

EAN aims to be a resource for EPIET and for European public health experts with the objectives to:

  • Provide support at local level to European EPIET, EUPHEM and FETP fellows, including practical and technical assistance as well as mentoring where appropriate.
  • Assist in the maintenance and development of contacts between members to create strong integration within and between past and current European EPIET, EUPHEM and FETP cohorts of fellows.
  • Share and exchange professional experiences, information and skills among members.
  • Constitute and enable access to a pool of expertise of trained European field epidemiologists and microbiologists, who can provide epidemiological, microbiological and public health expertise for members, their organisations, and other public and private organisations.
  • Take part and assist in the promotion, development and delivery of training in field epidemiology/microbiology and public health.
  • Assist at European field epidemiology and microbiology meetings such as the annual ESCAIDE conference.

We encourage all past and present fellows from EPIET/EUPHEM and associated programs to actively reach out to us if they have questions or suggestions.

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